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When a permanent resident (green card holder) has lived in the US for 3 or 5 years, they become eligible to apply to become citizens of the US. There are also other factors with are considered, including good moral character. CALL so that we can assist you Prepare and File your naturalization application.


Waivers are used to overcome issues that would prevent a foreign-born person from being admitted into the United States. There are waivers for overcoming convictions; departure from the United States after entering without inspection; departure from the United States after overstaying time allowed; the two-year foreign residence requirement for J visas. CALL so that we can assist you determine what Waiver is available in your case.

Family-Based Green Cards

Business Green Cards

Business Non-Immigrant Visas

Abused Spouses

Crime/Trafficking Victims

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The immigration process can get complicated and sometimes may even have obstacles. Whether you are dealing with immigration issues for yourself, your loved ones, or your business matters, it is essential that you seek the help of an experienced immigration attorney. CALL US TODAY. No matter where you live, we can assist you with issues related to Family Immigration, Business Immigration, Naturalization, Temporary Protected Status, Removal of Condition on Green Card.


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Uzo Akpele

Attorney at Law

Attorney Uzo Akpele personally understands the unique circumstances and challenges faced by individuals and families who are making the decision to start a new life in a new country. Since earning her law degree from the University of Georgia School of Law 2000, Uzo has dedicated her career to providing skilled guidance to people who are in need of help with the immigration process. From family-related immigration issues including green cards, removal of condition on permanent residence, Waivers, to Business Immigration matters involving work visas and hiring international employees — Uzo has the insight needed to help you attain your US immigration goals.

No matter where you live, call Uzo at Akpele & Associates LLC today to schedule a simple case consultation.

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  • Status Change:

    The process was slow and daunting even though we did everything the immigration officials asked of us. But Akpele was able to get the job done for us. She told us what to expect; she did not paint a rosy picture, nor did she make any unrealistic promises. We were prepared for the worst-case scena... Read On

  • She is a GREAT LAWYER!!!

    We are so blessed to have Uzo as our attorney. She did an excellent job for my husband's petition to INS. Thanks to Uzo he has his green card and is back with us. She was respectful, patient, and provided a lot of understanding of INS law. Thanks, Uzo! Read On

  • VAWA

    Uzo is good with immigration cases. She started the filing of my case in 2008, after 3 years my green card was approved in Nov 2011. I was the victim of abuse by my husband. Thank God everything went well because of Uzo. I highly recommend her. Read On



You need an attorney who will work directly with you. Akpele & Associates LLC will provide you with one-on-one care and attention throughout the legal process.


With over two decades of experience in US immigration law, we have the knowledge and understanding to explain all of your options and develop a sound legal strategy for pursuing your immigration goal.


With so much at stake, you can feel confident with an attorney who makes it a priority to be available to answer your questions at every stage of the process.

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