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Removal of Condition

For persons who obtained their green card through marriage AND whose marriage was less than two years old on the day they received their green card, there is ANOTHER STEP in their journey to permanent residence in the United States. US immigration law presumes that a marriage which has not crossed the two year mark is suspect, so it it issues green cards for such marriages with a condition. It is required that the couple file a joint petition to remove condition on permanent residence. A couple may start out happy, yet the marriage may crash within two years; before it is time to file the petition to remove condition. That petition still must be filed or the non-US citizen spouse would lose status as a permanent resident. Our office has assisted a good number of clients in this situation. We have been able to help such clients by filing the petition to remove condition for the non-US citizen spouse and providing documents that support the good faith of the marriage up till the time when the marriage broke up. Call us today at (404).250.3295 if it is time to file your I-751petition to remove condition BUT you are no longer in marital harmony with your US citizen spouse. AKPELE & ASSOCIATES can also help if you are late in filing your I-751 relative petition or simply if it is time to file that petition. We are waiting to hear from you.