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Status Change:

The process was slow and daunting even though we did everything the immigration officials asked of us. But Akpele was able to get the job done for us. She told us what to expect; she did not paint a rosy picture, nor did she make any unrealistic promises. We were prepared for the worst-case scenario but all the while hoping and praying for the best. Yes, it took some years three or four, but she got it done. The immigration system is broken and it really needs to be overhauled.


She is a GREAT LAWYER!!!

We are so blessed to have Uzo as our attorney. She did an excellent job for my husband's petition to INS. Thanks to Uzo he has his green card and is back with us. She was respectful, patient, and provided a lot of understanding of INS law. Thanks, Uzo!



Uzo is good with immigration cases. She started the filing of my case in 2008, after 3 years my green card was approved in Nov 2011. I was the victim of abuse by my husband. Thank God everything went well because of Uzo. I highly recommend her.


I have known Akpele & Associates since 2014. She helped me with my one-year extension when my two-year green card expired, and she helped with my 10-year green card and she also helped with my Citizenship this year in 2019 as well. I will recommend her to my friends or anyone else. She is a great attorney and will follow up with you every step of the way! I never regretted going to Akpele & Associate LLC for one day. I will always go to her any time, any day whenever I or my family members have an immigration issue. She also has wonderful people working with her. Great job y'all!

-Gloria O.

She an amazing attorney very patient and understanding and very reliable

-Marie-Therese A.

She is very dedicated, talented, professional, patient, and overall a great attorney. She works very hard to makes sure her clients are satisfied. She is amazing and I definitely recommend her!

-Kristy C.